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Justice Has Been Done

Osama Bin Laden - Dead May 1, 2011
Abbottabad, Pakistan


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Every day for nearly the past 10 years, I have had the FBI "most wanted" poster of Osama Bin Laden on my office wall near my American flag, to remind me to never forget who and what America must fight.  There have been many who have sought to focus on side roads, assuming that Osama Bin Laden could never be brought to justice.  But some in our nation have stayed focused on the enemy that organized the act of war on the American homeland on 9/11.  Given the horrible attack on defenseless Americans that day, I should feel jubilation over the news of mass-murderer Osama Bin Laden's demise.  But the truth is I cannot cheer for the grim news of any person's death, even Osama Bin Laden.  I can be grateful that I can finally, after nearly 10 years, take down the Most Wanted poster for Osama Bin Laden.  Moreover, I can share the view of our President, that "Justice Has Been Done."  

Yes, there will others who will follow in Osama Bin Laden's footsteps of hatred, violence, and destruction.  But the world needs to know and remember that there are consequences for crimes against humanity.

We must remain vigilant.  But we must also always retain our dignity as a nation and as human beings and not allow criminals to control our lives, our destiny, and the future of this and the next generation.  Such criminals must know that human dignity and human decency will not submit to their mad goals of mass-murder, destruction, and hate.  We must continue to maintain the courage to Fear No Evil, whatever its source, and whatever its destructive goals.


Osama Bin Laden killed May 1, 2011 near the capital of Pakistan: "Abbottabad is a city of 90,000 in the Orash Valley, north of Islamabad, the Pakistani capital, and east of Peshawar."

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