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9/11 and the Inconvenient Truths about Jihad and Islamism

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UnitedStatesAction provides daily research reporting on counterterrorism and counter-Jihadism for these web sites:

United States Action
Counterterrorism News

Primary News Group - Daily Counter-Terrorism News Summaries
The Counterterrorism Blog

Counterterror Specialist Views and News

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Counter-Jihad Research Web Sites

Jihad Watch

Laura Mansfield Strategic Translations

Additional Counterterror Information Web Sites:

Family Security Matters

National Terror Alert Response Center

Homeland Security Today 

Douglas Farah Website

Nine Eleven Finding Answers (NEFA) Foundation website

The Jamestown Foundation

The Terrorism Update
Terrorism Research Center

The Terror Finance Blog

Global Terror Alert

American Truckers At War

Northeast Intelligence Network
Homeland Security Research

British Jihad and Islamism

Suspicious Incidents Under Investigation

News on suspicious incidents

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World News Media

World News

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Breaking News on Global Terrorism

Washington Times

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New York Post
NYC News Links
London Telegraph

London News

Jerusalem Post

Israel News


Other Extremist Watch Web Sites:

Watch on Nazi Terror Plans:

Against Nazi Web Site and Against Nazi Yahoo Group

Watch on Anarchist Terror Plans:

Against Anarchist Yahoo Group

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Anti-Terror News by Country / Region / City

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|Global Anti-Terror News Yahoo Group
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USA-Shield Preparedness
Message Board

Wanted Terrorists - Be On the Look Out
Railway - Subway Terrorism and Threats
Seaports-Maritime Terrorism and Threats


Oil and Impact on Terrorism Yahoo Group


Narco-Terrorism Yahoo Group

Agroterrorism News Preparedness Yahoo Group (Agricultural Terrorism)

FBI Most Wanted Terrorists:

Background on Chemical / Biological Terrorism:

Biological and Chemical Terrorism Threats to USA

Background on Nuclear Terrorism:

Nuclear Terrorism Threats to USA

Dirty Bomb Background - Quick Link

Nuclear Suitcase Background

Low-Yield Nuclear Weapons and Impact


Background on Electrical / EMP Terrorism:

Electrical and EMP Threats to USA

Background on Emergency Kits

Emergency Preparedness Kits, Safe Rooms, Portable Kits, Radios, Power, Nuk-Alert
This page focuses on kits, safe rooms, portable kits, Nuk-Alert, portable toilets, radios, and other devices that you can get to prepare in advance.

Ways to Prepare to Defend USA and Your Home from Further Attacks

Background on Islamist Extremist Terror Groups:

World War Against Terror Groups

Known Islamist Extremist Terror Cells in USA

95-page Freedom House report, "Saudi publications on Hate Ideology Fill American Mosques


Background on Muslim Anti-Terror Groups and Leaders:
(Links of groups and individuals denouncing terror)

Wafa Sultan - A Daring Voice Calls For a New Islam

Wafa Sultan Speaks Up - Video

Muslim Irshad Manji Web Site - Author of Trouble with Islam
Anti-Terror Free Muslims Coalition Web Site


Background on Nations Threatening USA:
Axis of Evil - USA's Opposition to Nations Committed to Terror
   -- Iraq
   -- North Korea
   -- Iran
   -- Saudi Arabia and Other Nations Supporting Terror

Background on Volunteerism

What Can We Do and How Can We Help?

Background: Suggested Reading Listing

Reading List for Preparedness

Background: Homeland Security Research

Current Terror Alert Status

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Homeland Security and Opportunities to Support the Homeland Security Effort

9/11 Commission Research and Findings



Background: Travel Security

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Aviation Security Defense and Protection

Train and Bus Travel  - Improved Security Processes

Background: Computer Security

Computer Internet Safety - Have You Protected Yourself Against Computer Viruses and Possible Cyber-Terrorism?

Energy Independence from Terror Nations

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