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 National Alliance

National Alliance

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The National Alliance is the largest and most active neo-Nazi organization in the United States. Since founder William Pierce's death in July 2002, the group has been led by Erich Gliebe, a former boxer who made his mark as head of the National Alliance's Ohio chapter and as manager of the group's white power music company, Resistance Records. Under Gliebe, the group has maintained its stated aim, which is "to build a better world and a better race" and to create "a new government...answerable to White people only." In the last decade, the NA has enjoyed significant growth and has recently focused most of its attention on recruiting young racists through white power music and hate-filled video games. At the same time, the NA has tried to attract middle-class professionals willing to be part of a dedicated cadre that carries out the group's goals. Over the last several years, dozens of violent crimes, including murders, bombings and robberies, have been traced to NA members or appear to have been inspired by the group's propaganda.


Direct Information:  the web site of the National Alliance is:

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National Socialist Movement

The National Socialist Movement is the second largest neo-Nazi group in the country, trailing only the National Alliance. While some neo-Nazi organizations prefer blazers to brownshirts, this Minneapolis-based hate group is a throwback to the 1960s-era American Nazi Party, from which it descended: members wear Nazi uniforms and openly display swastikas to a degree unusual even among white supremacists. This explicit Nazi imagery apparently has not hurt its stature or standing on the racist right; in recent years it has grown considerably in membership and influence, with dozens of chapters across the country. Part of the reason for the group's growth has been its appeal to racist skinheads and other young white supremacists, who join in NSM activities ranging from literature distribution to armed paramilitary training.


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Aryan Nations Hate Group


News on Aryan Nations Hate Group


The Aryan Nations makes up the paramilitary arm of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian and believes that Jews are the Anti-Christ. The Aryan Nations were once lead by Richard Butler and were based in Hayden Lake, Idaho. They have been known to be involved in counterfeiting, bombings and threats against Blacks, Jews and Hispanics. Buford Farrow, the Los Angeles Jewish Daycare shooter was a member of and security guard for the Aryan Nations.  Aryan Nations' current leader, August Kreis, has been working to develop a relationship with Islamist extremist groups to attack the United States.


Aryan Nations Background and History

Aryan Nations After Butler's Death: Struggle Over Leadership

Aryan Nations and Islamic Jihad


Direct Information:  the web site of the Aryan Nations group is:

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United Aryan Terror Web Ring



James Wickstrom claims to be a pastor for both the Nazi Christian Identity group, as well as the Nazi Aryan Nations group.
He has sponsored and encouraged a "United Aryan Terror Web Ring".

United Aryan Terror Web Ring Sites:

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Direct Information:  the USA web site of the American Nazi Party is:

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"Christian Identity" Hate Group



Christian Identity is a religious ideology popular in extreme right-wing circles. Adherents believe that whites of European descent can be traced back to the "Lost Tribes of Israel." Many consider Jews to be the Satanic offspring of Eve and the Serpent, while non-whites are "mud peoples" created before Adam and Eve. Its virulent racist and anti-Semitic beliefs are usually accompanied by extreme anti-government sentiments. Despite its small size, Christian Identity influences virtually all white supremacist and extreme anti-government movements. It has also informed criminal behavior ranging from hate crimes to acts of terrorism.

Direct Information:  the web site of the "Christian Identity" is:

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Locations of Christian Identity Hate Group


News on Christian Identity Hate Group



Posse Comitatus Hate Group

Terry Nichols worked with Posse Comitatus group. 

This group is frequently led by "Christian Identity" Pastor James P. Wickstrom ( )

The Posse Comitatus is an intermittently active, loosely organized group of "Christian Identity" activists dedicated to survivalism, vigilantism, and anti-government agitation. Following the pseudo-religious tenets of the "Identity" movement, Posse members typically proclaim Jews to be the "synagogue of Satan," blacks and other people of color to be subhuman "mud races," and Northern European whites to be the "Chosen People" of Biblical prophecy. The name of the group translates from Latin to mean "power of the county," and the Posse believes that all governmental power is rooted at the county, not Federal, level.

Because Posse members believe that the Federal government is controlled by "enemies" - often meaning Jews - they resist paying taxes, as well as other duties of law abiding citizenship. Some members of the group have even refused to apply for driver's licenses, because this would imply submission to an "illegitimate, subversive" authority. Elements of the Posse's ideology, most notably its fierce hostility to Federal authority are echoed among today's militias.

The Posse has attracted Klan members and other anti-Semites. Among the avid promoters of the Posse during its period of development in the 1970s were Arch Roberts' Committee to Restore the Constitution, based in Fort Collins, Colorado; Western Front of Los Angeles, run by collaborators of the late anti-Jewish agitator Gerald L.K. Smith; and ex-neo-Nazi and Klansman David Duke of Louisiana, more recently head of the NAAWP (National Association for the Advancement of White People).

In 1983, when active Posse member Gordon Kahl murdered two Federal marshals in North Dakota and became a fugitive, the group attracted nationwide attention. The marshals had come to arrest Kahl for a parole violation in connection with an earlier conviction for non-payment of taxes. Kahl later died in a shootout with Arkansas law enforcement officials in which a local sheriff was also killed; Kahl became a martyr to the Posse, the Aryan Nations and other extremists.

In October 1987, retired army colonel William Potter Gale - one of the founders of the Posse movement and the California-based Committee of the States - along with four associates from the Committee, was convicted of threatening the lives of Internal Revenue Service agents and a Nevada state judge. The five had been charged with conspiracy, mailing threatening letters, and attempting to interfere with the administration of internal revenue laws. All five were sentenced in January 1988 to Federal prison for a term of one year and one day. Gale died in April of that year, at age 71.

James Wickstrom, an Identity minister and a Posse leader, was convicted in 1991 in Pittsburgh of plotting to distribute $100,000 in counterfeit bills to white supremacists at the 1988 Aryan Nations World Congress. While in prison, Wickstrom transferred his leadership role to "Identity" preacher Mark Thomas of Pennsylvania, who was recently linked to the Freeman brothers, two neo-Nazi Skinheads charged with murdering their parents and younger brother; the brothers were reported to have attended gatherings at Thomas's compound. By the end of 1994, Wickstrom had been released from prison. He and Thomas are reported to now be rivals.


Direct Information:  the web site of the Posse Comitatus is:

Direct Information:  the web site of James Wickstrom is:

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Ku Klux Klan Hate Group



Locations of Ku Klux Klan Hate Group


News on Ku Klux Klan Hate Group

For more than 130 years, Ku Klux Klan (KKK) has provided a model for extremists by actively practicing and promoting bigotry, intimidation and violence.

Web users can find a membership application for the American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, perhaps today's most vocal and active Klan, at that group's Web site. A few sites use the old Klan moniker "Invisible Empire," among them America's Invisible Empire of Alabama and Pennsylvania's Invisible Empire KKK. Smaller regional groups, such as the Southern Cross Militant Knights and the Northwest Knights, are active on the Internet as well.

Common to many Klan Web sites is advocacy of "Identity," a pseudo-theology that claims to be a form of Christianity, but is in reality a hateful mixture of anti-Semitism, racism, and homophobia. Identity holds that Jews are the offspring of Satan; that Blacks and other racial minorities are inferior; and that white Anglo-Saxons are the "true Israelites."

Crowe's Knights of the Ku Klux Klan site and the Oregon chapter site contain numerous links to Identity materials. The Northwest Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Web site lists "Christian Identity programs on cable access" and Identity events, along with an article sympathetic to Identity "theology" entitled, "Christian Identity: What is It?" The Web site of the Knights of the White Kamellia Texas chapter includes the text of an Identity article which claims that "many Christians may have much more Hebrew-'Israelite' blood in their veins than most of their Jewish neighbors." At its site, the White Camelia Knights of the KKK identifies itself as simply a "Christian Identity Klan."


Direct Information:  the web site of the Ku Klux Klan is:

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Nazi "Blood and Honour"
and Combat 18 groups

..:: Blood & Honour USA ::..

The Blood and Honour web site in USA that was originally out of Richardson, Texas area - near the area where Nazi Cyanide bomber William Krar was arrested.
It appears that current operations in the United States have moved to the Ohio area.

The main Skinhead "organization" is Blood and Honour, a loose sort of structure founded in 1987 by Ian Stuart Donaldson - professionally (and hereinafter) "Ian Stuart" - a Skinhead musician who was killed in an automobile crash in Derbyshire late in 1993. Stuart's band, Skrewdriver, has been for years the most popular Skinhead group in Britain and throughout the world. Under the name The Klansmen, the band has made records for the United States market - one of their songs was titled "Fetch the Rope." Stuart always preferred being called a Nazi rather than a "neo-Nazi." He once told the London Evening Standard: "I admire everything Hitler did, apart from one thing - losing."

Stuart's legacy, Blood and Honour (its name is the translation of an SS slogan) is a frenzied amalgam of racist lore and music. Organically it has been described as not so much a political organization as "a neo-Nazi street movement." Influencial among Skinheads throughout Europe and the United States, Blood and Honour acts as an umbrella organization for 30 or more Skin rock groups, publishes a magazine (also called Blood and Honour) and runs a mail order service for "white pride" paraphernalia, which is said to have thousands of accounts.

The Skinhead bands affiliated with the Blood and Honour movement have their own security guards. Not known for their restraint, these guards often battle perceived enemies at clubs where the bands perform and out in the street.

Since Stuart's death, Blood and Honour has reportedly fallen under the influence of Combat 18 (18 is a code for Adolf Hitler's initials), a violent neo-Nazi group that counts Skinheads and football hooligans among its followers.

Combat 18 (or C18) was a British neo-Nazi organization formed in 1991 after meetings between football hooligans such as the Chelsea Headhunters, and the group Blood & Honour. The "18" in their name is commonly used by neo-Nazi groups, and is derived from the first and eighth letters of the Latin alphabet, in other words the initials of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

The groups were formed as a response to attacks on meetings of the British National Party and other far-right meetings (most noteably Kensington library) during the early nineties by Anti Fascist Action.

Combat 18 quickly gained a reputation following a number of violent acts targeted at immigrants and people from the political left. In 1992 Combat 18 published the photocopies sheet Redwatch, which, like the German neo-Nazi publication Der Einblick, contained names and addresses of anti-racists, but also encouraged physical violence against those it listed.

Searchlight magazine, Red Action and other commentators on both the left and right spectrums of the media (including journalist Larry O'Hara) have stated their belief that Combat 18 was the brainchild of the British secret service organisation MI5, being designed to discredit the BNP, whilst simultaneously acting as a 'honey-trap' to attract the most violent neo-Nazis in Britain into a single organisation, where they could be monitored. It is also believed that Combat 18 was used by MI5 to infiltrate Loyalist paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland. In 1998, the leader of Combat 18, Charlie Sargent, an alleged Special Branch informant, was sentenced to life imprisonment for the 1997 murder of another member of the group.

During factional in-fighting, members of C18 cooperated with a documentary crew from the BBC Panorama program to prove they had been infiltrated and in some cases, controlled [Sargent] by the security services.

This effectively ended the organisation, although a small group of people still exist under that name though are largely inactive.

During April 1999, a former member of the National Socialist Movement (a C18 splinter group), 22-year-old David Copeland, apparently acting alone, carried out a nail bombing campaign aimed at the black, Asian and gay communities in London. On the 23rd April 1999, a bomb exploded in Brixton and another detonated a week later in Brick Lane, East London. On the 30th April, a third bombing at the pub The Admiral Duncan in Soho, killed three people, including a pregnant woman, and injured over a hundred others.

The White Wolves were believed by some journalists to be a C18 splinter group, which they alleged had been set up by Del O'Connor. The White Wolves were initially believed to be linked to these attacks [1]  (,2763,204778,00.html). However, the original terrorist document issued by the White Wolves – announcing their formation - has been attributed to David Myatt whose Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution inspired Copeland.

According to the German "Verfassungsschutz" (Governmental Department for the protection of the constitution) Combat 18 maintains divisions in USA, France, Sweden and Germany. This is however unlikely, as the group remain widely discredited among other groups due to their history of being a state honey trap. Their belief in the cell structure and their principled "Leaderless Resistance" call has however remained popular among other unaligned groups.October 28, 2003 the German police conducted a raid against the German supporters of the group [2] (

In 2001, C18 attacks on Muslim communities in Bradford and Oldham led to the formation of a Muslim counter-gang Combat 786.


Direct Information:  the USA web site of the "Blood and Honour" is:

Direct Information:  the International Portal web site of the "Blood and Honour " is:

Direct Information:  the USA web site of the "Blood and Honour Combat 18" is:

Direct Information:  the International Portal web site of the "Blood and Honour Combat 18" is:


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imageBlood and Honour Scandinavia - Hail Blood & Honour! Hail Victory!" **** (Site info - see note below)
imageBlood & Honor North America **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThule Publications - Reading material for every true Aryan(?) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSkinhead Pride - "This page is dedicated to all the true skinheads around the world." This coming from a bunch of loons who call Rudolf Hess a "prisoner of peace." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhiteSingles.Com - A chatroom for white singles brought to you by everyones favorite Klansman David Duke. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhiteRace.Com - Aryan video page. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSIGRDRIFA Publications - the PREMIER white women's publishing agency. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageBlitzkrieg - "The first amongst these sacred precepts is the indisputable fact that Aryan mankind represents the absolute apex of all human development if one is to consider excellence as the standard." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Racial Compact - A call for Racial Preservation, Racial Independence, Racial Rights and Racial Good Will. Check out their map on how the US should be divided up among the different races. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAmerican Nazi Party - Here at Nazi Headquarters, we are gathering the best and most ACTIVE of our fighters for the White People. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAmerican National Party - "Our country is being ruined. Our homeland is being invaded. The occupational government has become a parasite upon the people and must be removed." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAryan International Movement (A.I.M.) - Oh, really! **** (Site info - see note below)
imageFor Volk and Vaterland **** (Site info - see note below)
imageMartin Luther King Jr. - Another vile attempt by STORMFRONT.ORG to defame the work of Dr. King. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageI Love White Folks - Oh, but it's not a racist page. Yeah Right! **** (Site info - see note below)
imageMothers Of The Movement - The future of the Aryan race depends on our ability to bear and raise healthy, strong children. **** (Site info - see note below) **** (Site info - see note below) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhite Unity Press **** (Site info - see note below)
imageHeritage Lost Ministries - another webpage from King Nazi Don Black at Stormfront. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageDerby City Skinheads, Louisville, Kentucky (password is "skinhead") **** (Site info - see note below)
imageA Eugenics Perspective: - Breeding an Improved Human Species. **** (Site info - see note below)
imagePolitics and Terrorism - It's all the fault of Jews. **** (Site info - see note below) - Just another mouth piece for the National Alliance **** (Site info - see note below) - See above **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Official Harold Covington website - neo-Nazi extraordinaire **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAdelaide Institute **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe WORKS of REVILO P. OLIVER - "Are Americans more concerned about protecting their children from the AIDS plague -- or about which set of Congoids has won the latest ball game?" **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSS RAHOWA'S Racialist Web Page **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSATANIC JEW WEB SITE **** (Site info - see note below)
imageRuediger's Fyrfos Page **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe New Order - Building a Better World for Future Aryan Generations. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageLibertarian National Socialist Green Party - "...we do actively discriminate against those so foolish to admit to believership in Judaism or Christianity." **** (Site info - see note below) - was created on the idea of offering free homepage to users who have had home pages destroyed while using a previous service on one of those "free homepage providers." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe American Populist Review - Edited by John Weiss, a man who considers David Duke a "good friend." Lots of photos of Weiss and David Duke. **** (Site info - see note below)
image88 Enterprises - Just someone hawking Hitler trinkets. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAmerican Front - We feel that culturally mixed societies cannot form a true Nation and are inherently unstable. No one race or culture is "superior" to others, but they are all different. Racial integration threatens all Peoples. Humane efforts towards separation and self-determination are better for us than endless repression, tension, and racial violence. The freedoms of any nation must be defended through armed neutrality, which highly trained National defense forces backed up by a militia made up of the entire adult population. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageHate Watch of America - Don't be fooled by the honorable sounding name. The websites Don Ellis links to, tell the real story. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageGerhard Lauck - is trying to sell his Nazi propaganda. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSisterhood of the WCOTC - "We abhor the jew-feminist ideology that so many White women succumb to." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageFL (Florida) Hammer's Hate Site **** (Site info - see note below)
imageTri-State Terror Another Skinhead music page. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSword of Christ - Get a load of the picture of Hitler. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWelcome to Reality - If you're White, and you're seeing things going on that no one else can see. And people say that you're f#!@ing crazy or brainwashed, then you've found the right site. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSS Enterprises The content of these pages contain racial undertones that may seem offensive to some. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageHolocaust denier, David Irving loses in court (what a shame). - But he still needs your donations. **** (Site info - see note below).
Here's a couple of articles about poor Mr. Irving's plight:
"Holocaust libel case tossed out of court"
"Historian branded 'racist' by judge"
imageNordic Fest 2000 (password is "nordicfest") - will be held Memorial Day weekend in Kentucky **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Screed - is an independent publication that discusses issues and events pertaining to the state of the Euro-American ethnic majority in the United States **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNEW WORLD ORDER WATCH - "Why are blacks so violent? Is it because they have been perscuted for hundreds of years? Could it be they have been that way for thousands of years and they can't be civilized?" **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhitestorm 88 **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNovember 9th Society - Bringing National Socialism into the 21st Century **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThatcher Thunders - "Adolf Hitler is referred to many times in the Bible! In a positive manner, too! The problem is convincing people of this, people who think they know all about the Bible yet never read it." "How long will America let the Jews and Israel dominate it? And what about Western Europe? By America’s dominating role in Europe, the Jews effectively control that continent." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAmerican Civil Rights Review - What a sham this page is! **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNational Action - "AN INDEPENDENT WHITE AUSTRALIA" **** (Site info - see note below)
imageEuroKnowledge **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhite Order - For a Brighter Whiter Future **** (Site info - see note below) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageKados' White Pride Page - "If you are offended, KISS MY ASS, and take yourself back to where you came from!!" **** (Site info - see note below)
imageKurt's Aryan Pride Page **** (Site info - see note below)
imageRanger Skins **** (Site info - see note below)
imageRacial Nationalist Library - "Our Race is Our Nation" **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWindy City White Boys **** (Site info - see note below)
imageBROADSWORD - THE VOICE OF NATIONAL SOCIALISM IN BRITAIN **** (Site info - see note below)
imageHeathen Front **** (Site info - see note below)
imageDie Hunde - Skinheads Dopey and Demon **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWHITE ORDER of THULE - New Age racism. **** (Site info - see note below)
imagePennsylvania White Pride **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhite People's News Network "This Website is an effort to awaken White people to the double standards that exist for heterosexual White men and women in the world today, and to serve as a conduit for Whites who want to help secure the survival and prosperity of their Race." (This is a real winner!) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhite Heritage Emporium - E-commerce for racists. **** (Site info - see note below)
imagePlunder & Pillage - Is this what you want your kids to be listen to? **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAmerican Skinheads **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSkinhead Territory **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAmerican National Socialist Skinhead Party **** (Site info - see note below)
imageUnited Aryan White Knights - "I am getting fed up with it. Its time we make a stand. As a nation, as a race, and as a bloodline. White Power!!! **** (Site info - see note below)
imageEIN VOLK EIN REICH EIN FÜHRER - "This site does not exist to suggest, imply, direct, nor attempt to influence harm be perpetrated upon individuals based upon racial beliefs, it is meant as an archive of information and discussion only." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageBifrost - "Its a battle for young minds. Music is the battleground and the bands are the warriors.**** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhite Power Music - here we go again! **** (Site info - see note below)
imageCentral Iowa Skins **** (Site info - see note below)
imageLeague of the South - "Somebody needs to say a good word for slavery. Where in the world are Negroes better off today than in America," says League of the South Board Member Jack Kershaw. **** (Site info - see note below) - "Immigration should be cut off, only whites should be allowed to come in. To make sure there is enough we should start exporting the jews, niggers, spics, and asians." "We should cut off all trade with china. Blockade there ports, and let the chink bastards starve. anyone that tries to lend aid should be bombed in to submission." **** (Site info - see note below)
imagePanzerfaust Records - Another racist music label who just want to support other "Racialists" out there on the web who are working hard for White Survival. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageHouston Naturalist Society - Dedicated to preserving Houston area's most precious and endangered species -- The White Race. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Barnes Review - A mouthpiece for Willis Carto **** (Site info - see note below)
imageForbidden Net - From the "concerned" folks at "The Liberty Lobby." Every book the racist would want. Anything from a book on lynching to the "Private Movie Collection" of Hitler's sweetie Eva Braun on VHS tape. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Spotlight - More from the Liberty Lobby **** (Site info - see note below)
imageFirst Amendment Exercise Machine - It’s an innocuous sounding name, until you read what this site has to say. "Most of my ancestors have been on this continent for about 400 years. No, they were not teepee dwellers or cotton pickers. I think this qualifies me to be labeled an American. Now consider a China fellow with the name Long Tin Wang. He just fell off the boat and took an oath which he'll soon forget. He can call me whatever he wants but if I refer to him as a "slant" or "chink" and fire him from his job, I could wind up in legal doodoo for 'ethnic discrimination'. In other words, this bamboo bombino has MORE RIGHTS in a country which I thought was MINE, than I do!!" "White people invent and forget. Yellow people copy and remember. Black people do neither." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Pornonationalist Vanguard - "Watusi, Tutsi, Ubangi, Hmong, Pakistanis, Jews, and other incompatibles and unassimilables inhabiting American territory shall be restricted from citizenship and encouraged to emigrate. Non-compatibles that remain within American territory shall enjoy no rights of citizenship or political participation." "In the interests of world prosperity and the tranquility of humankind, Israel shall be neutralized. Zionist terrorists pushing for the completion of Jewish-supremacy will be eradicated. Surviving Jews shall be relegated to enclaves and laboratories, to be kept under observation and utilized for research." "America shall be a sovereign White nation empowered by the pure initiative of Higher Humanity. The nation must be free and independent of all Judaic, degenerate, and foreign influences, and will be liberated from all elements that disrupt the vitality, initiative, mission or solidarity of the American People." **** (Site info - see note below) - "An alternative to proud White men and women, one that would be for our White interests only." Front-14 is operated out of Eagle River, Alaska by John Gill (email address: **** (Site info - see note below)

Here are some of the racist websites Front-14 hosts:
imageGenetic Heritage - "This site is intented to educate and remind concerned Whites of their rights that are being infringed upon and violated daily to accomodate the minority outcry of this nation and to make liberal, ass-kissing lawmakers feel better about themselves."
imageHaken-Kreuz - Racism from Romania. "Our aim is to re-establish Truth about those who had struggled under the sign of the Haken-Kreuz, to ensure the supremacy of the white race in its own vital space, which ancestors handed down from the immemorial and which generate tradition, culture and history."
imageWorld Gentile Congress
imageSisterhood - World Church of the Creator
imageNational Socialist Hitler Youth Legion
imageFyrfos Youth Alliance
imageRussian Nazi
imageAngry Aryans - Too White For You - "We offer tough music, for tough people in tough times! Anything less would be a fucking crime."
imageNational Alliance - Minnesota Region
imageKennesaw National Socialists
imageNational Independents Movement
imageWomen for Aryan Unity
imageWhite Baby Pages - Using kids!
imageHolocaust 2000
imageTor 88's site
imageThe Ripper
imageSpokane Skins
imageSiegrunen - "He who swears allegiance to the swastika cross must oppose all other crosses, even fight them."
imageThis Is Race War
imageNS Skin - "Fighting for Freedom"
imageMilitant Skinbyrd's Page
imageA Pure White Site
imageAryan Nightmare
imageLa Fenice
imageKill Whitey Page
imageChurch of the Creator No.14
imageHeritage Front Manitoba
imageCanada's Skinheads
imageBlood & Honour USA
imageArt of White Cultural Revolution
imageThe Order - Bruder Schweigen
imageReichsfolk - "To uphold and champion the Way of Life of National-Socialism and so make known, among Aryans and other peoples, the Cause of Adolf Hitler."
imageWorld Church of the Creator - France
imageNational Association of Independent Creators
imageBud 88's homepage - " It was, actually, my Christian morality that caused me to reject the Jewish pre-Christian notion of divinity and to distance myself from the brainwashing cult of Catholicism."


If what you have read on the preceding pages disturbs you, exercise your right of free speech and send Email to the Internet providers who are carrying those pages. Let them know that they should take a good look at who they are providing service to. Remember - these groups may have the Constitutional right to speak - but so do you!

You can usually find their Email address by viewing the providers homepage. To get to that page, remove the customers directory from the URL.
Example: (customers page) (providers page)

Some groups are now establishing their own Web servers. But someone still has to provide "domain registry" for them. An example of a domain is "". You can find out a lot about a group (including who is providing the domain naming service) by using a WHOIS search. Just type the domain name (i.e in the box and hit 'Return'. To find out specifics about the Internet Service Provider (ISP) who is hosting the site, look for the "Administrative Contact" and/or "Domain servers" information. Try it out.

I encourage everyone to visit the sites listed on this page to see the hatred that is being spread over the Internet.






Against Nazi - Yahoo News Group


Against Nazi Web Site


News Group on Hate Groups and Antisemitist Activities


Right-wing extremist militia movement in the U.S. has recently experienced a growth in activity suggesting an attempt to retool, restructure and reorganize. The militias are testing the waters in the post-9/11 world to see whether they can continue to operate just below the radar of law enforcement and the media.