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USA Shield Homeland Security Background Info

A. Primary Preparedness Web Sites

Homeland Security Dept - Ready.Gov Site
(Word File of Readiness Recommendations)

Are You Ready? US Guide for Preparedness by FEMA
(Microsoft Word - 484KB)

USA-Shield Preparedness
Message Board

B. City Emergency Sites

-- NYC Contacts
-- NJ Contacts
-- Washington DC Contacts

-- Baltimore Contacts
-- Philadelphia Contacts
-- Pittsburgh Contacts

-- Boston Contacts
-- Los Angeles Contacts
-- Atlanta Contacts
-- Chicago Contacts

C. Emergency Preparedness Kits, Tools, Checklists

Emergency Preparedness Kits

D. Weather Emergency Sites

Weather Emergency

E. USA Detailed Regional - Emergency Info and Terrorism News

USA Northeast - Emergency Info and Updates
(Individual Web Pages for: NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, DC, New Jersey, Baltimore, Pittsburgh)


USA Great Lakes Area - Emergency Info and Updates
(Individual Web Pages for: Chicago)

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USA Southern - Emergency Info and Updates
(Individual Web Pages for: Atlanta)

USA West / SW - Emergency Info and Updates
(Individual Web Pages for: Los Angeles)



Ways to Prepare to Defend USA and Your Home from Further Attacks

Biological and Chemical Terrorism Threats to USA

Nuclear Terrorism Threats to USA

Dirty Bomb Background - Quick Link

Nuclear Suitcase Background

Electrical and EMP Threats to USA

AlertsUSA Terror Alert / Incident Notification Service